What Makes Handmade Jewelry Truly Handmade!

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Men and women have been adorning themselves with jewelry for decades. This tradition can be traced back to the time when bracelets were made of woven grass, necklaces were made of stones and shells, and all of them were handmade. Since then, handmade jewelry has been used to beautify human personality.

There is no denying the fact that handmade jewelry encapsulates individual uniqueness because it does not have uniformity of mechanically made ornaments. Jewelry artisans use simple tools, antique metal-smith and a plethora of techniques to make the innovative jewelry design.

These shapes are distinct from other machine-made designs. Oftentimes, they are a reflection of the culture, history, and heritage of an individual.
Below we have highlighted some specific features that distinguish handmade jewelry from machine-made jewelry and make it truly handmade.

• Each Piece Tells a Story
Most of the time, there is a story behind the design of a handmade jewelry, and that grants it its uniqueness. This story is what establishes a special connection between the designer, and the person who wears it. This unique feature makes handmade jewelry truly handmade.

• No Heavy Machinery is Used
Handmade jewelry, by definition, is something that is created by the hands of an artisan or jewelry maker. An artisan saws, solders, shapes, and carves the jewel pieces without using any heavy manufacturing machine.

A machine can manufacture hundreds of similar pieces per hour, while a handmade jewelry maker can create only a limited quantity. So the features that make handmade jewelry is different here are ‘Attention to detail’ and concentration given to each piece.

These qualities are unparallel and make handmade ornaments impeccable and extraordinary.
• Artisan’s valuable Time
Since homemade jewelry makers do not use any heavy machinery, it takes their considerable amount of time to create just one piece of jewel. Whether it is a tiny ring or a layered necklace, it takes hours of sheer devotion to create it.
• Exclusivity of Designing Process
An artisan has an extremely intimate relationship with his jewelry pieces. The design process of handmade jewelry is different from machine-made jewelry. In the latter, each line and curve is added with a specific intention. That makes the design exclusive.
• Material
Handmade jewelry material is often of stellar quality as artisans purchase them from reputable suppliers. The stones and alloys are mostly antique, different, and do not cause an unwanted skin reaction.

Bottom Line
In conclusion, the techniques, creativity, skills, concentration, and dedication used to make handmade ornaments are the key elements that make it truly handmade.
A fine piece of handmade jewelry stands out from uniform items and machine manufactured designs.

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