All About Opal Gemstones and Birthstone Jewelry

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Opal is one of the beautiful gemstones that come in a wide variety. When it comes to opal gemstones, there is Australian opal, black opal, fire opal, blue opal, white opal, and pink opal, just to name a few. These stunning stones are very much on-trend right now and have been increasing in popularity, too.

All About Opal Gemstones and Birthstone Jewelry

Opal Stone Metaphysical Healing Properties

As with any gemstone, there are specific metaphysical and healing properties that opal is known for. It is said that opal gemstones encourage freedom and independence. They also help to improve your originality and creativity. Feeling in a creative funk or experiencing burnout? Wear some opal jewelry to help increase your creativity levels and improve your self worth thoughts.

Opal Birthstone

Opal is one of the birthstones for October. Those lucky enough to be born in October have a choice of 2 stunning gemstones, opal and tourmaline.

Best Opal Jewelry Options

At Creations by Kristel, we love creating handmade jewelry using opal gemstones. These beautiful stones lend themselves well to modern and simple jewelry designs. We’ve rounded up our top 4 handmade opal jewelry picks. They would make a perfect birthday gift or Christmas gift for the special woman in your life!

1) Cactus Opal Gemstone Pendant Necklace - $36

Opal Cactus Pendant Necklace

This adorable and completely unique 17.5-inch gold plated necklace features a beautiful opal gemstone pendant in the shape of a cactus. A perfect opal option for a woman with a boho vibe!

2) Cream Opal Adjustable Bracelet - $45

Opal Varieties and Gemstone Jewelry

When you are unsure of the size, an adjustable bracelet makes a perfect and safe jewelry gift. This cream opal adjustable bracelet will fit a wrist size up to 8 inches. It’s a stunning dainty piece that converts well from day time outfits to an evening out style.

3) Blue Opal Puzzle Pendant Necklace - $39

Opal Gemstone Metaphysical Properties

This 17-inch necklace can be made in either silver or gold metals. It features a blue opal puzzle shaped pendant, and makes an excellent gift for autism awareness! 

4) Opal Bar Gold Filled Necklace - $36

Opal Gemstone Jewelry Necklace

Want more color and variety with your opal gemstones? This multi-colored opal bar gold filled necklace features a row of opal stones in multiple colors, and each necklace is slightly unique due to the color variances.

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