Crystal Facial Roller

  • $28.00

Listing is for one roller of your choice.  Please choose below:

  • Jade roller is made with silver plated metal
  • Rose Quartz is made with gold plated metal



Jade has been used in Traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. This OG stone stays cool, so it calms irritation and inflammation. It’s also great for smoothing fine lines and tightening skin, according to Karina Sulzer, founder of Skin Gym. Plus, jade reportedly supports lymphatic drainage to flush toxins and bacteria that causes unsightly blemishes.


Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz is the ultimate crystal for self love and care,” says Hansen. It’s long been associated with beauty and youth. The ancient Egyptians even believed that it could be used to maintain a youthful appearance. “This is probably due to the fact that rose quartz has properties that reduce tension, promote healing, and increase cell turnover,” explains Sulzer.