Improving Lives with Gemstones

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Improving Lives with Gemstones

Self-Taught Jewelry Maker Designs Handmade Line to Encourage Positive Thinking

By Alicia McCarthy

Kristel Wang began creating jewelry for her friends and family by making meditation bracelets when her eldest brother passed away suddenly. Wang grew up in the Buddhism religion, and has found med- itation to be a wonderful practice. In 2014, one of her girlfriends opened up a gi shop in Fair eld, California, and she asked her to make jewelry for her store. Without hesitation, she agreed, and they sell her jewelry there to this day. 

Prior to designing her jewelry line, Wang was self-employed, along with her husband. e entrepreneurial duo have been small business owners since 1998. A self-taught jewelry maker, Wang uses natural gemstones to encourage positive thinking and a calm life balance, and nds her handmade jewelry busi- ness to be a creative and relaxing outlet. 

“ The amazing thing about being creative is that you have the quality or the power of creating, being imaginative and expressing originality,” Wang shares. “Creativity can take you away from reality, and it’s a rush of excite- ment seeing your ideas come to life.” 

Wang wishes to refrain from mass produc- ing her jewelry and accessories, so every piece remains unique and one of a kind. Her compre- hensive line of jewelry features locally selected gemstones, healing crystals, semi-gemstones, gold- lled and sterling silver materials. Cre- ations by Kristel pieces are a beautiful mix of bold colors and subtle dainty designs that are perfect for special occasions or everyday wear. 

Wang’s favorite thing about working from home is the exibility; she considers it perfect for being a mother of 3 children and a wife. “You don’t have to meet any deadlines,” she says. “You complete things at your own pace.” By managing work and home life, she has a set routine. “I do my designing and prioritize my tasks between laundry, dinner, and clean- ing the house, and determine when they need to be done.” She also tries to t in designing before bedtime. 

Creations by Kristel is promoted through Instagram, Facebook and word of mouth. Wang’s main customers are from 25-65 years of age (most are working-class peo- ple and mothers). e mompreneur still helps her husband run his restaurant busi- ness while managing her handmade jewel-ry business at the same time. e designer looks forward to expanding her line and increasing its exposure in the future. Visit 

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